Upstream offshore

Your key coating challenges

Whether you’re working on new constructions or ongoing maintenance on upstream installations, your environment is aggressive, constantly changing and corrosive. Crashing waves, extreme temperatures, and atmospheric pressure can make it difficult to ensure the best protective coating. At the same time, varying safety and regulatory requirements make it challenging to ensure efficient application across your global operations.

Extreme corrosion protection for your most extreme environments

Whether you need extreme performance, extreme efficiency, or both, we have the right solution to meet your needs.

During new constructions, our new galvanic coatings, based on organic zinc epoxy resins, can seriously boost painting productivity. You can also get expert advice from our global specification team. With 15 research and development facilities around the world, we work locally with you to ensure the best solution for your project and that all environmental responsibilities are met.

Setting new standards for international performance and quality

When you work with Hempel, you can be sure your coatings meet local and international regulations while meeting the highest quality standards. Our products are tested according to key coating industry bodies such as Steel Structure Painting Council (SSPC), National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), American Petroleum Institute (API) and many more.

ISO 9001

Ensures we supply consistent quality globally

ISO 12944

Ensures our products meet standards for harsh offshore conditions


Ensures the highest standards of coatings for new constructions

Tap into global delivery and technical service

Wherever you are in the world, you can trust you’ll get the right products on site, on time, every time, thanks to our 150 stock points worldwide.

And Hempel Services are available globally to help ensure your coating project runs smoothly from start to finish and beyond. Find out more about our global service network.

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