Maximize fuel efficiency with Hempel SHAPE 

Hempel and you. Partners in fuel efficiency 

SHAPE is Hempel's unique fuel efficiency solution. Built on our world class expertise in hull efficiency coatings, SHAPE brings transparent ISO 19030 based performance monitoring and analysis to every operator -  so you can make smart decisions and see the performance gains of paint investments.

Working not as consultants but as true partners, we guarantee to deliver documented fuel savings and a programme of continuous improvement for your fleet efficiency.

The standard in performance monitoring 

ISO 19030 outlines important principles for the measurement of changes in hull and propeller performance and defines a set of performance indicators for hull and propeller maintenance, repair and retrofit activities. 

At Hempel we are building on the principles defined by ISO 19030 to develop the industry's most sophisticated efficiency analysis solution. 

The right solution for every operator 

Whatever the age, size and operating patterns of your vessel, Hempel's SHAPE offer combines all the elements of efficiency optimisation: high quality data gathering, expert analysis, decisive advise and world class hull coating. 

This is much more than performance monitoring. This is fuel efficiency intelligence. 

Tailored hull performance programme
with a dedicated Hempel performance analyst.

Monitoring and guaranteed fuel savings
across all types of hull coatings, with savings, and ROI calculations vs market average.
Expert data analysis
from our team of chemists, physicists and Hydro dynamics.

Transparent cost-effective performance monitoring
guided by ISO 19030.

Quarterly reports
including 4 KPIs, speed loss calculations, savings, and ROI calculations vs market average. 
World leading friction-reducing coatings
based on 100 years of Hempel expertise.

Speed is related to power

Speed loss - the key to efficiency

Speed loss is a critical measure for understanding vessel performance and fuel efficiency, since power increase and speed loss are directly related. At a given power output, we can accurately measure the speed decrease of a fouled ship.

The 3:1 relationship between power increase and speed loss

We have shown that the magnitude of power increase needed to compensate for a given speed loss will be around three times greater than the speed loss for a given power. This is why speed loss is a key measure for vessel efficiency. See Hempel's white paper on the speed/power relationship for more information.

Turning data into decisions 

Shaped by the guidelines of ISO 19030, we have created a rigorous, transparent SHAPE process based on maximising the quality of your performance data and delivering the expert analysis that optimises the ROI of your decisions.

For more information, download our SHAPE brochure below.