Coatings in new building

Coatings in new building – the value of versatility

With pressures on the new building industry, particularly in China and Korea, to become progressively more efficient and productive, shipyards look for opportunities to simplify and streamline processes - including the way they use and employ coatings. At Hempel, we believe this quest for efficiency is supported by coatings with multi-purpose capabilities.

Coatings that offer flexibility in the way they can be applied allow shipyards to adapt more easily to changing production schedules. Coatings are also at best when they are inherently more versatile and offer multiple uses around the vessel, promising simplified inventory management.

Shipyards also value solutions that perform consistently and reliably under a range of conditions, enabling them to keep secondary work in the yard to a minimum.

However, these performance advantages in the shipyard are valuable only when the coating is also able to perform in service and meet the needs of vessel operators for lasting protection and minimal maintenance.

Durability and versatility

The flexibility to meet the multiple demands of shipyards and at the same time fulfill operators’ expectation is why universal primers are valued coating solutions. However, it takes a range of technologies to enable them to meet these complex requirements.

As an example, consider Hempadur Quattro XO series, a product line formulated to allow short drying times and shorter recoating intervals year-round.

To ensure durability, Hempadur Quattro XO employs proprietary fibre technology, granting mechanical strength wherever it is used on the vessel, above and below
the waterline.

To be able to perform in challenging applications like ballast tanks, corrosion resistance is also critical. In Hempadur Quattro XO, this is achieved through a range of aluminium pigment enhancements. Here, fibre technology also proves valuable, resisting the cracking that can otherwise lead to costly repairs.

Today more than ever, shipyards also look for robust sustainability credentials to reduce VOCs, which is why high volume solids solutions like Hempadur Quattro XO are widely used and accepted in shipyards worldwide.