Passive fire protection

Improving building safety in case of fire

Intumescent coatings estimations made easy

Estimating intumescent coatings requires accuracy and fit for purpose product knowledge. Hempel introduces HEET, a proprietary software program designed to perform volume calculations which accurately details the volume of intumescent coatings required, based on the steel profile, fire rating and fire testing standards. The estimations are automatically calculated in accordance to project location and design codes.

HEET stands for ‘Hempel Estimation and Engineering Technology’. The program was developed to provide our customers with a quick, easy and accurate solution to perform simplified intumescent coatings estimations.

Gain full control of your fire protection estimations

HEET gives you the power to perform self-help intumescent coatings estimation without  dependance on PFP coatings providers or third party engineering services. 

Experience some of the key features of HEET:

  • Section factor calculations
  • Default limiting temperatures
  • Cellular beam calculations
  • Customisable user interface
  • Project dashboard and libraries feature

New features coming soon to HEET: Tekla integration and Structural Fire Design modules will be included in HEET. These added features will pave the way for greater seamless intumescent coatings estimation experience.

Discover HEET

Experience seamless intumescent coatings estimation with HEET. It is quick, easy and accurate; and our team of HEET experts are ready to support you in your PFP estimation journey.