HEET Dynamic Estimation Software

Empowering better fire protection decisions

The Future is Dynamic

Introducing HEET Dynamic, the intumescent coating estimation software designed to make estimations quicker, easier and accurate. HEET stands for ‘Hempel Engineering and Estimation Technology’, and it was produced with structural engineers and estimators in mind. This precise software provides accurate volume and thickness calculations in just a few clicks, saving precious time and money to maximise efficiency and productivity.
Get results in minutes, not hours or days! Enables users to self-perform PFP estimations quickly, taking away the complex process of volume calculations needed for various steel section sizes.
Thanks to its in-built calculator and smart features, users can utilise reliable estimation accuracy.
Say goodbye to complicated estimations, HEET Dynamic is available, accessible and easy to use.

Features and benefits

HEET Dynamic was designed to make estimations quick and easy for structural engineers and estimators. The software is easily downloadable and can operate with Windows-based computer program. Activated only by a license key, users will need to complete an onboarding process prior to use.

For advanced users, the HEET Dynamic license can be upgraded to further improve and fully optimise overall intumescent volume calculations, thanks to the latest Structural Fire Design feature. Furthermore, HEET Dynamic will also feature a new BIM plug-in tool that is integrated to Tekla Structures, an industry leading structural BIM software service used by structural engineers globally to manage 3D model designs.

    Intumescent Coatings Estimations

Designed to make estimations quick and easy, HEET Dynamic is easily downloadable and can operate on Windows program computers. This software also has a built-in calculator and smart features to ensure confidence in estimation accuracy.

    Structural Fire Design feature

With the upgraded license, users can access the SFD feature to optimise intumescent coatings estimation calculations.

    BIM plug-in tool

This plug-in tool allows users to automate intumescent coatings calculations while creating 3D models and drawing objects, making it faster and easier for HEET Dynamic users to work seamlessly in BIM software such as Tekla Structures. The tool facilitates seamless information flow both ways to allow real-time design and estimation.

Experience HEET Dynamic

HEET’ Dynamic empowers users to make efficient and effective fire protection decisions quickly and easily, without consulting third party engineering services or PFP coating providers. Enhanced by a plug-in tool and license upgrades, the software significantly refines and optimises intumescent volume calculations, offering a comprehensive solution for all your estimation needs.

Which software package is right for you?

This reliable proprietary software program is utilised by structural engineers and estimators seeking a simpler way to perform accurate and efficient intumescent volume calculations on steel sections.
  • Estimators
    Simple and easy to use, HEET Dynamic software makes it easier to cost a project before work commences. Offering reliable and accurate intumescent coatings estimation and volume calculations needed for every structural project – no matter how big or small. Boosting estimation productivity giving both time and cost savings.
  • Structural Engineers
    Ideal for Structural Engineers, our HEET Dynamic Structural Fire Design (SFD) feature offers the latest engineering practice and optimised passive fire protection estimations. It is recommended for users who are familiar with structural design codes such as Eurocodes, BS5950, IS800, AISC and AS4100.
  • BIM Plug-in users
    The HEET Dynamic BIM plug-in automatically synchronises design changes with intumescent coatings estimates and volume calculations in real time. This two-way flow of information simplifies estimation when creating 3D models or constructions details. A quick and  effective solution for complex calculations.

What our customers say about HEET?

It is a very good piece of software for our engineers and designers. It allows us a lot of flexibility when designing structures without the need to keep contacting Hempel
J&D Pierce (Contracts) Ltd
The new HEET Dynamic software is simple and intuitive to use. Additionally, the SFD and BIM integration is very beneficial for our technical staff when designing various elements of our projects.
Billington Structures Ltd