Our heavy duty equipment coatings can take a beating in the field

As tough as they come

For nearly 100 years, Chattanooga-based Sherman + Reilly Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of tools and equipment that keeps communication lines open across the USA.

From equipment for underground and aerial transmission to linesman construction and maintenance tools, Sherman + Reilly Inc. is a name synonymous with quality and safety. It is imperative that the equipment they supply is reliable in the toughest conditions.

Our equipment takes a beating in the field, so we needed a coating that could handle abuse. We made our selection based on cost, quality, and service. With the help of Hempel, our process is more controlled, our quality has improved, and our costs have decreased. Hempel has provided us with exceptional corrosion protection and customer service.
Sam Hornsby, EHS/Facilities Manager, Sherman + Reilly Inc.

The challenge

Not only focused on cost and time savings, Sherman + Reilly Inc. are also continually looking at quality and safety improvements within their manufacturing process and the equipment they produce. Their in-shop coatings application process is no exception.

Hempel’s Wet on Wet Primer-Surfacer 143JB

Fast drying to optimize productivity, our wet on wet primer-surfacer dries to a smooth finish, giving a premium topcoat appearance. It is also the ideal base coat for our Acrylithane coatings, defending vehicles and equipment against the harshest environments.

Acrylithane DTM Urethane 646JB

Our direct to metal formulation has been engineered to key into the surface at high DFTs to give a tough, strong colour, high gloss finish, without the need for a topcoat. Proven to perform with good resistance to corrosion, chemical spills and splashes.

The solution

Our heavy duty equipment coatings meet their needs exactly, with low VOC content that satisfies legislative requirements and improves health and safety of their teams during the application processes, without compromising on quality or performance.

Sherman + Reilly Inc. trust two of our premium products to deliver tough reliable coatings for their machinery. Designed specifically for the heavy duty equipment and heavy duty truck markets these are, Hempel’s Wet on Wet Primer- Surfacer and Acrylithane DTM Urethane 646JB.

They not only rely on our heavy duty equipment coatings but our technical service too. We ensure that Sherman + Reilly Inc. maximize productivity within the coatings process, while delivering the toughest results.

The equipment Sherman + Reilly Inc. manufacture will continue to benefit from consistent and long-lasting protection against corrosion, chemical abrasion and the inevitable knocks and bumps that happen in the field, for many years to come.

At a glance

Customer Sherman + Reilly Inc.
About Leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for underground and aerial transmission
Coatings used

Hempel’s Wet on Wet Primer-

Surfacer 143JB

Acrylithane DTM Urethane 646JB

Application Air assisted airless