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Hempel intumescent saves bar after three hour blaze

Raiz cocktail bar is a trendy nightspot in the centre of Ponta Delgada, the bustling capital of the Azores. A busy venue, popular with locals and tourists alike, Raiz bar is a modern, industrial design, featuring exposed steel beams and glass walls with steel staircases connecting two floors. It was important to the owner, Gabriel, that as a main feature of the building design, the steelwork was not only protected against corrosion and fire, but also looked good, to enhance the ambience of the bar.

One night, soon after closing, a fire took hold. The fire raged through Raiz bar destroying many fixtures and fittings and causing a substantial amount of damage. Initially it was thought the cause was from an electrical short-circuit, but having been ruled out it is now being investigated as a deliberate, criminal act. The fire burned for three hours before being brought under control and finally extinguished by the fire crews. Being outside of opening hours, the building was empty and fortunately no one was hurt.

As the damage was assessed, it became apparent that the steel structure remained intact. Gabriel’s choice of Hempel’s intumescent coatings not only protected the steel against the heat and flames, but allowed additional time for the Fire Department to bring the fire under control.

Without the protection of the intumescent coating the Fire Department believe that the structure would have collapsed. Thanks to this added protection the structure is in place and we can rebuild as good as new.
Gabriel, owner Raiz Bar, Ponta Delgada

People often think that a fire is something that will never happen to them, but it can, and as with the Raiz Bar, protection using Hempel’s intumescent coatings can save your structure, preventing a costly rebuild. Our intumescent coatings not only ensure a durable, good looking finish, but assure you that if the worst should happen, your assets are afforded greater protection.

With the Raiz Bar, Gabriel has been advised that once the steel has been abrasively blasted, it will be ‘as new’ and ready to take a new coating system that includes Hempel’s intumescent coatings to assure protection against cellulosic fire.

About Hempel’s intumescent coatings

Our intumescent range offers passive fire protection that lengthens the time a steel structure will remain intact during a fire. Our coatings provide longer evacuation times and allow emergency personnel more time to respond. That means that these advanced coating solutions not only protect investments but can potentially save lives

How do they work?

By expanding during a fire to 40-60 times greater than the original DFT, they allow the steel to stay cooler than the surrounding fire and prevent it reaching a temperature that would compromise its strength and integrity, causing it to twist, bend or break.

At a glance

Customer Raiz Bar, Ponta Delgada

For the structure - R60 - 500°C

For the staircase - R30 - 500°C

Environment C3
Products used Hempacore One FD