Avoid project delays with Hempaline Defend 630

Huge storage tank coated in just 12 hours

When Oldelval, one of the leading midstream storage and transportation companies in Argentina, was performing scheduled maintenance on a pump station storage tank, it hit a problem. Delays earlier in the project meant the tank had to be completely recoated and back in service in just 72 hours.
In these videos, Oldelval and the applicator explain how they did it, using Hempel’s fast-cure tank lining Hempaline Defend 630.

Hempaline benefits from different perspectives

The owner

  • Exceptionally fast return to service
  • High resistance to chemicals and abrasion
  • Longer asset lifetime
  • Reduced downtime and extended inspection intervals

The applicator

  • Fast application with high DFTs in a single layer
  • 100% solvent free for a good working environment
  • Easy to apply with airless spray
  • Reduced rework and quicker inspection

Hempel Service

  • Simplified specification - one product for many applications
  • Being able to apply on steel and concrete with different susbstrate situations
  • Reduced waste
  • Technical and commercial support from the beginning of the project

The owner’s perspective: Rapid maintenance without service interruptions

At Oldelval’s Medanito Pumping Station in Argentina, the storage tank is essential to business. The tank has a capacity of 15,000 cubic metres, and it needed a new floating roof and protective coating system to ensure it continues to comply with Oldelval’s high protection standards.
With many contractors involved, delays had already occurred earlier in the project. Working side by side with Oldelval, both the coating applicator and Hempel came up with a solution that would get the project back on track.
Our solution was Hempaline Defend 630. Offering exceptional long-term performance, Hempaline Defend 630 will extend the tank’s expected lifetime beyond its original specification. Importantly for Oldelval, it can also be applied in 12 hours and after being coated, the tank could be back in service less than 72 hours after the coating was applied.
In the video, Oldelval’s Javier Ibañez explains how the team met its objectives.
Thanks to Hempaline Defend 630 we could achieve the target dates and the protection needed for the tank
Javier Ibañez, Oldelval

The applicator’s perspective: Fast application with no defects

An experienced applicator that has worked with Hempel for many years, Fenix provides services to some of the biggest oil & gas companies in Argentina. With speed essential to the project, the company knew it needed an easy-to-apply coating that would go on fast.
Hempaline Defend 630 was the perfect solution. Working with conventional airless sprays, the Fenix team was able to apply Hempaline Defend 630 at the required DFTs in a single layer, with almost no defects. And, as the coating is solvent-free, the team could work for long periods despite the enclosed work site. As a result, Fenix’s team manged to coat 1,900 m2 in a single day – in keeping with the tight schedule.

In the video, Mario Brizuela from Fenix explains how his team did it.

Hempel Service: For speed, quality and long-term performance

A global coating supplier with over 100 years of experience, Hempel has offices, stock points, factories and service teams near key oil & gas locations around the world – ensuring fast delivery and timely onsite support.
Working closely with Oldelval and Fenix, we specified a coating solution the addressed the specific needs of the project. In addition, our Service team worked with Fenix’s applicators from start finish to ensure a fast, efficient and high-quality application, with minimal waste and costs.
In the video, Claudio Schmidt from Hempel explains the benefits of this service to Oldelval.