Hempaguard proves most effective solution for Vroon tankers

Hempaguard proves most effective solution for Vroon tankers

Which hull coating will deliver the highest fuel and emissions savings on a slow steaming high-heat tanker? This was a question asked by international shipping company Vroon. The answer was Hempaguard.

Vroon provides seagoing transportation services, as well as engineering and support solutions, to customers around the world. As part of its fleet, Vroon operates around 20 product and high-heat tankers, known as IVER vessels. These tankers often steam slowly and can experience long idle periods – which makes them prone to fouling. When fouling organisms, such as barnacles and biological slime, attach to the vessel’s hull, the extra drag means additional fuel is needed to move the ship through the water, leading to greater fuel costs and higher emissions. Vroon needed a hull coating that would keep fouling at bay in these tough circumstances.

Vroon applied Hempaguard X7 to one of its IVER tankers in 2016 and noticed a clear improvement in hull performance compared to its sister ships. The IVER vessel operated more fuel efficiently and didn’t require hull cleaning, reducing both emissions and costs. Therefore, Vroon decided to switch more IVER ships to Hempaguard in 2021 and began by applying Hempaguard MaX to the IVER BEAUTY.

Hempaguard MaX delivers fuel and dry dock savings for IVER vessels

Vroon operates and manages a diverse fleet of approximately 130 deep-sea and offshore vessels, including bulk carriers, container ships and car carriers. The company provides high-quality, safe, reliable and cost-effective services, based on traditional values and a proven track record. Vroon constantly works to improve its efficiency and environmental performance. As part of this work, it has taken a number of steps to lower its carbon footprint and reduce emissions from its vessels.

The challenge

When the IVER BEAUTY tanker vessel came into dry dock for routine maintenance in 2021, Vroon was looking for a high-quality hull coating that would reduce the vessel’s fuel costs and associated emissions. Trading flexibility was also a key consideration. The IVER BEAUTY operates in fouling aggressive warm waters. As an asphalt/bitumen tanker, it often steams slowly and can spend periods waiting before loading or unloading. The hull coating, therefore, had to perform in these challenging operating conditions.

The solution

After considering various options, Vroon’s Performance Department concluded there was only one effective solution: Hempaguard.

Integrating silicone-hydrogel and full diffusion control of biocides, our Hempaguard hull coatings ensure an extremely low average speed loss of up to 1.2 per cent, whatever the vessel’s trading pattern. Importantly, they continue to perform, even if a vessel steams slowly or experiences extended idle periods. This translates into minimum out-of-dock fuel savings of 8 per cent compared to traditional antifoulings.

For the IVER BEAUTY, Vroon chose Hempaguard MaX as it delivers better fuel savings than other Hempaguard coatings. It also requires only three coats, reducing time and costs in dry dock. The IVER BEAUTY left dry dock with a new coat of Hempaguard MaX in early 2021. Vroon expects to upgrade more vessels to our high-performance hull coatings in the near future.

At a glance

Operator/owner Vroon
Coating system Hempaguard MaX
Shipyard Tuas Yard, Marine, ST Engineering
Date February 2021