Globic ensures 165 fouling-free idle days
for Ciner Shipping’s newbuild tanker

Globic ensures 165 fouling-free idle days for Ciner Shipping’s newbuild tanker 

One of the largest shipping companies in Turkey, Ciner Shipping operates a modern and efficient fleet. When the company commissioned Zeynep, a newbuild crude oil tanker for delivery in 2020, it wanted an advanced hull coating that would reduce fuel consumption and emissions, even if the vessel experienced long idle periods.

Our hull coatings reduce fuel consumption and emissions by combatting fouling. If fouling – such as barnacles and algae – build-up on the hull, the resulting drop in hydrodynamics means more fuel is required to move the ship through the water. On a large ship like Zeynep, even a small increase in fuel consumption and associated emissions can be significant.

Our solution was Globic 9500. Thanks to its advanced biocide package, Globic 9500 ensures fuel and emissions savings of more than 10 per cent over the entire docking interval compared to a market average antifouling. Importantly, Globic 9500 continues to work if a vessel stands idle – as Ciner Shipping discovered. One year after launch, Zeynep stood idle for 165 days off the coast of West Africa. When the hull was inspected before sailing again, there was no significant fouling buildup on the hull.

Ensuring long fouling-free idle period on Zeynep crude oil tanker

Part of the Ciner Group, Ciner Shipping owns and operates a diversified fleet of 24 bulkers and crude oil carriers, and the company carries bulk cargo and oil products for customers around the globe. Ciner Shipping focuses on excellence in all aspects of its work and is always looking to achieve long-term improvements in efficiency, safety and environmental performance.

The challenge

When Ciner Shipping commissioned the Zeynep newbuild crude oil tanker, it was particularly concerned with fouling. The company’s vessels are occasionally laid up for extended periods and previous hull coating solutions have failed to prevent fouling. As a result, the vessels have needed to undergo expensive and time-consuming hull cleaning before resuming trading.

For the Zeynep crude oil tanker, Ciner Shipping wanted an antifouling coating that would deliver proven protection against fouling, even if the vessel steams slowly, changes trading patterns or experiences long idle periods of more than 60 days. Hempel has been working with Ciner Shipping since 2015 and was asked to come up with a solution.

The solution

Our solution was Globic 9500, a top-of-the-line antifouling for all operating conditions. Globic 9500’s advanced nano acrylate technology starts working as soon as the hull touches the water. This makes it ideal for newbuild vessels that spend a long time beside the dock during outfitting. Zeynep was built in Korea in 2020. For the project, we assigned a team of FROSIO/NACE-certified coating advisors to oversee coating application. The teams worked with the applicators to make sure the coating system was applied to specification and coordinated with the project team to keep application time, waste and costs to a minimum.

Globic 9500 comes with a 40-day idle time guarantee, but it can do many more, as Ciner Shipping soon found out. One year after launch, Zeynep was laid up off the coast of West Africa. After 165 consecutive idle days, a hull inspection revealed no significant fouling buildup or other defects on the hull. This meant the vessel could begin trading again immediately without hull cleaning or brush-cutting, saving Ciner Shipping both time and costs. As a result of this high performance, Ciner Shipping intends to use our hull coatings on more vessels in future.

At a glance

Company Ciner Shipping 
 Vessel  Zeynep, a Suezmax oil tanker
 Coating (antifouling)  Globic 9500
 Year of delivery  2020