Hracholusky Bridge

Tough Hempadur coatings up to standard

Perfect solution for steel rail bridge

As one of the largest bridge constructors in Europe, MCE GmbH works with state contracting authorities in a number of countries, including Germany, Austria and Hungary. In these projects, the number one requirement for any coating system is that it has the correct certifications and approval.

MCE GmbH was contracted to replace the steel structures in the Hracholusky Bridge, a unique three-span structure across the Plzeň Reservoir in the Czech Republic, consisting of two stone arches and three arches of riveted steel. The coating system had to meet the SŽDC standard, the strict anti-corrosive performance standard used by the Czech national railway. We specified a four-coat system, based on metallization and our advanced Hempadur epoxy coatings, and worked closely with MCE GmbH to ensure the system met SŽDC requirements.

Completed in 2019, the replacement Hracholusky Bridge should stand for many decades and we continue to work with MCE GmbH on a range of projects.

The challenge

When MCE GmbH, a member of HABAU Group, was contracted to replace the existing single-track railway bridge across the Plzeň Reservoir in the Czech Republic, it needed a fast-drying coating system that met the requirements of SŽDC Regulation S 5/4 – the anti-corrosive performance standard used by the Czech national railway. In order to meet requirements to perform, reference areas needed to be prepared and analysed in a very specific way. MCE GmbH was looking for a coatings partner that has SŽDC approval as well as advanced technical services who could assist with this work.

Photographs are courtesy of Vladan Michalik

The solution

We put together a four-coat system based on our high performance Hempadur coatings. Exceptionally robust, Hempadur epoxy coatings are designed specifically for steel structures where long maintenance intervals are a priority – such as civil buildings, offshore constructions and bridges. The range also includes fast-drying products, which would help MCE GmbH maintain high productivity during in-shop application.

Our Services team collaborated closely with MCE GmbH to prepare the reference areas and ensure that all requirements in the SŽDC standard were met. Once production started, we worked with MCE GmbH to help make sure the application project ran smoothly, with minimum time, costs and waste.

 At a glance 
 Customer MCE GmbH, a leading constructor of steel structures, including bridges, buildings and infrastructure
 Project Hracholusky Bridge, Czech Republic
Coating system

Penetration: Hempadur 15553
Primer: Hempadur 17410/DB 703
Intermediate: Hempadur 17410/12430
Topcoat: Hempathane TL87/EG 87480/DB70