Hempaline Defend vinyl ester lining solutions, trusted in challenging environments

Advanced oil tank corrosion protection for a major US oil company

A major US oil company was experiencing corrosion in its sour crude oil tanks. Chemicals and water in the oil were creating severe pitting and corrosion issues at the bottom of the storage tanks. They contacted Hempel looking for a long-term protective lining solution.

A poor lining system can result in substantial losses. Tanks and vessels left out of service for repair cost owners valuable time and lost revenues. Hempaline vinyl esters have been designed to resist against acids, caustics, strong solvents, oil and water, protecting assets and maintain the purity of the content of the tank.

With rapid curing, our Hempaline Defend high-performance tank linings will get assets back in service quicker – in as little as 24 hours, and are trusted for chemical resistance and corrosion protection that lasts.

The solution

To combat corrosion in the customer’s sour crude oil tanks we recommended our Hempaline Defend 500 vinyl ester mat reinforced to line the tank bottom and also the bottom 4 feet of the wall surfaces.

The high-performance scheme was applied following grit blasting and consisted of a single coat of Hempaline Prepare 120 primer. A first coat of Hempaline Defend 500 was then applied and whilst wet, a 450 gm/m2 (1.5 oz/ft2) chopped strand mat was incorporated into the coating. Following a light sanding to remove any upstanding fibres, a second coat of chemically resistant Hempaline Defend 500 was applied.

The addition of the reinforcement mat not only affords greater barrier properties but contributes to the materials ability to withstand flexure and impact.

The result

Our products have provided proven long-term performance for the customer who now specifies Hempaline linings for all its crude oil tanks.

Hempaline provides our customer with the benefits of trusted protective linings that have been rigorously tested and the assurance of our technical support both on and off site throughout the project.

At a glance

Customer Major US oil company
Lining system Hempaline Defend 500 vinyl ester with mat reinforcement.
Total litres 2,300 litres