Improving quality and lowering emissions on the Baselier production line

Step-by-step approach to better corrosion protection and lower emissions

Based in the Netherlands, Baselier has grown from a small family-owned blacksmith’s to a world-renowned producer of agricultural equipment and machinery. Today, it designs and produces rotary ridging cultivators, full-width rotary cultivators, ridge formers and haulm toppers. As premium equipment, Baselier products need a high-glossanti-corrosive coating that can withstand heavy treatment and many years of exposure to harsh weather and working conditions.

Our final solution combines Beltipox, a wet-on-wet epoxy primer, with Belticryl, a high-gloss high-solids industrial polyurethane finishing coat. This combination substantially improves anti-corrosion performance while also lowering solvent emissions. We are also working with Baselier to improve its pre-treatment process to further boost coating quality.

All in all, we are very satisfied with our collaboration with Hempel. All deliveries are fast and on time. Their advice is always appreciated and their improvements have been implemented at a speed that suits us. Since working with Hempel, our customers have been positive regarding corrosion, colour or gloss performance. We fully expect Hempel to be our preferred business partner for many years to come.
Piet Adriaanse, General manager & Owner

The challenge

When we began working with Baselier in 2015, the company was using a coating system that combined a solvent-borne wash primer with a car refinish. This system was not only expensive, but also did not provide satisfactory corrosion protection. We knew that by changing both products, we could help Baselier reduce costs, substantially improve anti-corrosive performance – and reduce solvent emissions.

The solution

We understand that any changes in a production line need to be thoroughly tested and carefully implemented. So, we suggested a step-by-step approach that would enable Baselier to make the transition without major disruptions to its production schedule. We then began testing Beltipox, a wet-on-wet epoxy primer that would improve corrosion protection and significantly reduce solvent emissions. After positive results, Beltipox was implemented on the production line in 2017.

We are continuing to work with Baselier to further improve coating performance and application. This includes working with Baselier’s production staff to upgrade surface pre-treatment, which will improve final coating quality even further.

Hempel has added real value to our business. Thanks to Hempel, the quality of our end product has improved, our costs have gone down, our emissions are lower and our application process is better. This is good for us, our customers and the environment.
Piet Adriaanse, General manager & Owner

At a glance

Customer Baselier BV
About Baselier Baselier BV is a specialist producer of agricultural machinery. The company’s products include rotary ridging cultivators, full-width rotary cultvators, ridge formers and haulm toppers.
Coating system Primer: Beltipox 2K EP primer P4G000130
Topcoat: Belticryl 2K PUR finish high gloss C4P000467