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Hempel Service

Your business, our expertise – a performance partnership

Hempel Technical Service provides expert technical advice to customers around the world to ensure their coatings are applied as efficiently as possible and will perform as promised.

Hempel Service benefits:

Improve your maintenance efficiency to reduce costs

Cut your maintenance expense and time with expert advice and guidance. From specification and planning through to application, we help streamline your processes to ensure a fast and efficient maintenance process. As a result, your maintenance stops are shorter and your costs are lower.

Increase your asset uptime to maximise profitability

Get the most out of your assets to drive your business results. From overseeing application to managing your planned maintenance stops, we ensure long-term coating performance – so you benefit from longer maintenance intervals and a longer asset lifetime.

Boost your productivity to increase your production revenue

Step up your throughput to drive production. From coating choice through to waste minimisation and curing times, we work with you to ensure you benefit from a faster and more efficient coating process – to increase your production speed and reduce your costs.

Focus on your core business

Let your people concentrate on what they do best, while we take care of your maintenance. As the coating experts, we bring expertise to your maintenance planning and project management, giving you more time to focus on driving your business.

Protective Service

Reduce your overall repair time and costs , make informed decision throughout the process & more.

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Marine Service

Reduce your repair costs, lost revenue from off-hire, Drive fuel-consumption savings & more.

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Service you can trust
In a competitive environment, success requires more than just technology. You also need people with the right skills, knowledge, experience and attitude to turn that technology into a value-adding solution. This is where Hempel stands out.

Hempel coating advisors are safety certified within:


  • HUET


More than 70 per cent of Hempel coating advisors are certified to the highest technical standard within:

  • NACE


More than 600 highly qualified coating advisors work within specialised areas, such as:

  • Wind

  • Offshore

  • Marine

  • Concrete coatings

  • Containers



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