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Versiline CUI 56990: Unbeatable protection against corrosion under insulation 

Our heat-resistant Versiline CUI 56990 offers unbeatable protection against corrosion under installation to ensure you benefit from continual uptime and reduced maintenance costs, even in the toughest corrosive conditions.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the major challenges facing equipment operators in the process industries today – and it can lead to significant lost revenue from downtime, maintenance and replacement of corroded parts.

A fast and effective solution to CUI, Versiline CUI 56990 will reduce your overall lifecycle costs and ensure you benefit from longer uptime

Before selecting your next CUI coating read our article series. Corrosion testing for CUI and high heat conditions

Increased heat resistance and excellent application properties
Versiline CUI 56990 provides long-term protection for hot pipework, equipment and other hot surfaces. Its excellent heat-resistant properties make it extremely resistant to micro-cracking, even when subjected to extreme temperatures. In addition, carefully selected barrier pigments make it highly effective against CUI, even under cyclic conditions.
-    An MIO-pigmented single-component inorganic copolymer coating that cures to form an inert polymer matrix
-    Resistant to temperatures from cryogenic (-196℃) up to 650℃
-    Resistant to thermal shock/cycling in dry or dry/wet service conditions
-    Can be used on carbon and various types of austenitic and duplex stainless steels
-    Can be applied to hot surfaces onsite, in maintenance situations or to grit-blasted steel for newly constructed pipework and equipment

The hardness and excellent adhesion of Versiline CUI 56990 make it especially suited for offsite application.

Trusted for over 40 years
Extreme challenges require extreme solutions. For almost 40 years, Versiline coatings have been trusted to deliver performance in the most challenging environments, including the demanding environments found in many process industries, such as oil & gas and power generation.


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