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Colours and textures

Around the globe, our coatings bring colour to our lives and make the world around us more beautiful. Let us help you choose the perfect colour and finish for your building, both inside and out.

There is much debate surrounding the psychophysiological effects of colour. However, there can be no disputing the fact that colour has a major effect on us, our lives and our moods. Colour can be used to make us feel calmer, to improve concentration in schools or to lift our spirits. This makes the choice of colour important in any building.

A full palette of colour, texture and advice
We offer a full colour palette, as well as a wide range of textured finishes, for both building interiors and exteriors. In addition, our trained colour advisors can help you with inspiration and advice when planning your building.

Our expertise covers many areas, from the psychological effects of colour in healthcare and education through to how to create a lasting colour and texture scheme that reflects the latest trends in interior design.

Our reaction to colour is effected by many factors, including the culture around us. For local expertise and colour advice, please contact your local Hempel office or check out a selection of our colour and product literature below

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