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NORSOK - compliant solutions for offshore efficiency

NORSOK M-501 sets the benchmark for protective coating systems in the oil and gas industry, outlining key standards for corrosion protection in demanding offshore environments. Hempel's coating systems meet the key requirements of the latest version- NORSOK M-501, Edition 7. With a commitment to provide you the best solutions, our coatings are specially formulated and tested, offering superior corrosion protection, and ensuring optimal performance, durability, and efficiency in applicable exposure conditions.

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NORSOK Standard M-501: Changes and updates Webinar

A guide to understanding updates in Edition 7 of the M-501 Standard for Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings.

This Webinar will feature the latest changes from Edition 6 of Norsok M-501 published in 2012 to Edition 7 which was updated in November 2022.

The presentation will cover all systems with detailed information on new technical content based on experience, new requirements, tests, and new international standards. 

You will discover coating systems that rank within a high durability range of increased performance and competitiveness as seen in the review of two real life applications on onshore installations.