A completely biocide-free solution for better environmental performance and average fuel savings of 5 per cent

Completely free of biocides

Hempasil X3+ gives you high performance and high fuel savings in an environmentally friendly coating. Based on a smooth silicone binder, Hempasil utilises an invisible silicone-based hydrogel microlayer to make it very difficult for organisms to attach to the hull.

The leading fouling release coating

When it comes to reducing fuel consumption, Hempasil X3+ is the market’s leading fouling-release solution. Not only does it reduce your vessel’s fuel consumption by an average of 5 per cent over the entire service interval, it also cuts associated CO2 emissions and releases no biocides into the marine environment.

Hempasil X3+ can be used on any type of marine vessel, and can be applied on almost any other hull coating – making it easy to upgrade to Hempasil without expensive hull blasting.

The HEMPASIL range