Keeping production costs down

From the moment your container leaves the factory, it will start a tough journey through ports and across seas. It faces corrosion, abrasion and many other types of industrial damage – and needs to be protected. At Hempel, we produce a full range of protective coatings for every container type, from reefers and tanks to dry cargo, mining, storage and offshore containers. We also help make your production more efficient and keep your costs down. All while reducing your environmental footprint.

Covering your needs across the globe

Wherever a container travels, our coatings offer protection against extreme exposure and tough environmental conditions. Since our range of container coating solutions include waterborne, high and ultra-high-volume solids as well as solvent-free coatings, they provide a positive impact on your sustainability goals. Do you have custom requirements for your dry cargo or special containers? We offer tailored solutions to cover any container, and our global Hempel Services team is always available to support you wherever you’re based.