Hempaguard X7


Hempaguard X7 is a high solids, advanced fouling defence coating based on ActiGuard® technology which utilizes the added effect of advanced hydrogel silicone and an efficient fouling preventing biocide. This boosts the antifouling barrier and prolongs the fouling free period.
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    Recommended for slow steaming and tropical waters. Excellent operational flexibility. High to low activity level. Very smooth coating surface and low friction. Maximised out docking fuel performance. Very high fuel saving potential. Instant effect on contact with water. Easy overcoating. Application in warm environment. Can be applied down to 0°C [32°F].
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    Hempaguard X7 can be used for all vessels with no limitation on service speeds, including slow/ultraslow steaming vessels and FPSO's. Also recommended for propellers. It is suitable for vessels operating with long service intervals, up to 90 months and/or very long idle periods of up to 120 days.
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    Marine/Marine new build
    Marine/Marine dry dock

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