Hempafire Optima

Our waterborne intumescent paint, optimized to bring greater efficiency to your steelwork project.

Now there’s a more efficient way to achieve cellulosic fire protection in large-scale steel structure projects. With faster drying and fewer coats, Hempafire Optima 500 waterborne intumescent paint helps you boost productivity and work smarter.

In addition, Hempafire Optima 500 works effectively in a wide range of conditions with outstanding performance, including hot and dry climates.  This advanced all-round performance makes it ideal for large-scale infrastructure projects and buildings like, commercial centres, airports, sport stadiums or warehouses.

Tested up to 180 minutes, it has been optimized to provide 120 minutes protection and C3 interior corrosion protection. The whole protection system can be delivered within two days*. It can be used for on-site or offsite applications depending on project and application conditions.

*In usual Middle East conditions. Total process time may change depending on individual project conditions.

Hempafire Optima 500

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Increase productivity with fast throughput

High DFT per coat, even at high temperatures, delivers required protection in fewer coats. Faster drying coats mean shorter intervals to recoat and overcoat, reducing labour demand, project completion time and application costs.

Save project costs with competitive loadings

Specially optimized for the steel sections most commonly used in large civil infrastructure projects, Hempafire Optima 500 can be applied in competitive DFTs, making for reduced paint consumption, fewer applications and less time.

Reduce complexity with one product for all profiles

Use one product across I-sections and hollow sections. Specification and project management is simplified, especially in complex mixed structure projects and streamlined supply chain and operations.

Improve efficiency with robust application properties

Hempafire Optima 500’s robust application properties and high solid content means less tendency to defects thus providing better appearance and reduced reworks.