Hydrocarbon passive fire protection

Reduce costs in downstream oil & gas projects with UL-certified hydrocarbon passive fire protection that is lightweight with low dry film thicknesses

Protect your people and assets

Fires in oil & gas facilities can be disastrous. Lives can be lost and damage to assets and equipment can run into millions of dollars. That’s why oil & gas companies increasingly choose hydrocarbon passive fire protection coatings as a standard part of hydrocarbon fire hazard management.

In the event of a hydrocarbon pool fire, structural steel and supports are exposed to a rapid increase in temperature, which can quickly lead to structural failure – with serious consequences. Hempel’s Hempafire XTR 100 intumescent coating insulates steel from these high temperatures during a fire, buying valuable time to save lives and assets.

Your trusted partner

When you choose hydrocarbon passive fire protection, you need a solution you can trust. At Hempel, we use our extensive expertise in PFP and oil & gas coatings to ensure you get the ideal solution for your plant - a  high-performance system that will last for many years and will deliver reliable fire protection if you need it. 

Number-1   More than 10 years in passive fire protection 

Number-2   Proven experience in oil & gas

Number-3   Full range of products certified to local and international standards

Number-4   Expert support in key oil & gas locations 

   Consistent high quality and global delivery

Hempafire XTR 100

Designed for use in the oil & gas industry, Hempafire XTR 100 delivers UL 1709-certified hydrocarbon passive fire protection in a lightweight coating with low dry film thicknesses to reduce your overall project costs. It is ideal for downstream assets, including refineries and petrochemical plants with a flammable liquid inventory, and completes our range of coatings for the oil & gas industry.


Proven experience in PFP coatings

At Hempel, our mission is to develop and deliver reliable and efficient PFP coating solutions. Since 2011, we have been developing intumescent coatings that improve safety and lower project costs.

Our PFP coatings are developed and tested at our state-of-the-art PFP Centre of Excellence in Barcelona, Spain – a 3,000m2 facility dedicated solely to driving improvements in PFP performance. All our PFP customers are supported by a global network of sales reps and Service teams with expertise in PFP solutions.

One supplier for all of your oil & gas protective coating needs

With the introduction of Hempafire XTR 100, you can now get all your oil & gas coatings from Hempel. With a trusted single source for all your coating needs, you can increase the efficiency of your procurement, supply chain and logistics – knowing that every coating is designed for optimal protection, improved efficiency and long-term reliability.