Hempel Webinar

So you think you know IMPM coatings?



Inert Multi-Polymeric Matrix coatings, or IMPM's have made a significant impact on the coatings market since their introduction back in the early noughties although their story goes back even further than this. IMPM's offered the possibility to streamline coatings for high temperature applications and also for corrosion under insulation (CUI) service and are featured in many international coating specifications. But like all materials it is important to understand where they are and are not best suited. This will be covered in depth by CUI & high heat business development manager, Simon Daly.

Whilst these materials have certainly brought about performance and construction benefits the nature of these materials is not always fully understood. During the webinar we will hear more about the science behind these materials from Hempel Chief CUI scientist David Morton. Additionally our Head of Global EPC accounts, Alessandra Fionelli, will also demonstrate what makes these types of material particularly suited to complex construction projects were wide ranging performance is required.

Duration:  about 45 minutes


Simon Daly
CUI & high heat coatings business development manager

Experienced professional within the protective coatings industry, particularly the oil and gas market segment, with a keen focus on solving customers problems using knowledge gained during 30+ years in the coatings industry.