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You’ll know that the health and longevity of your assets are key to your business. But it’s a big responsibility keeping them running optimally at all times. Every effort you make to reduce downtime and optimise operations can have a big impact on your running and maintenance costs. Yet you may not always have the resources to get there on your own. That’s where our Protective Services come in.


Standard coating advisory

With our Standard Coating Advisory, we help you achieve a high quality coating process according to specification that can reduce long-term maintenance costs.


This service supports during the main project phases to help optimise the application process. Our coating advisors will issue reports only when visiting on-site and distribute a concluding report at the end of the project.

Premium coating advisory

Ensure complete application oversight and expert advice so that coatings perform correctly for their entire lifetime.


With our Premium Coating Advisory service, we’re onsite throughout the project to oversee surface preparation and coating application, and quickly solve any problems that may arise. This way we help you complete all aspects of your coating project efficiently and effectively.

Coating Management 

With our Coating Management service, we manage the entire coating application side of your project, including scope check, preparation, coordination with sub-contractors, application and planning of future maintenance.


We assign a dedicated full-time Hempel project manager to your maintenance project to plan, optimise and streamline all coating related tasks. Together, our team ensures you benefit from a rapid return to service for your assets, lower project costs and reduced long-term maintenance requirements.

Production line survey

Our Production Line Survey service is designed specifically for facilities that operate a production line.


It helps keep operational costs down and increase production speeds. An expert Hempel coating advisor will visit your site to conduct interviews, review procedures, documentation, specifications, quality control and process flow. After the visit, we issue a full report with recommendations on how to reduce coating application costs, increase production line speed and improve coating quality.

Condition Survey 

In a Condition Survey, we evaluate the status of your existing structure and coating system and provide recommendations for corrective actions.


An expert coating advisor performs a complete survey of your vessel, identifies potential issues and advises on long-term maintenance requirements. This ensures you can correct issues before they become a problem to keep your long-term maintenance costs down and extend your vessel’s trading time and service life.

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