Optimise your dry docking process and reduce costs

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Are you facing falling freight rates? Is the pressure on to reduce fuel costs and cut your vessels’ time in dry dock? With a Hempel coating advisor at the centre of your dry docking process, you get the optimal coating applied in the shortest time. The result? Reduced application costs, extended maintenance intervals, and maximum vessel trading time.


Standard coating advisory

Our Standard Coating Advisory service allows you to benefit from a high quality coating application.


We monitor surface preparation and coating application onsite, making sure quality standards are followed and any potential issues are corrected before undocking. As a result, you can expect a better coating performance and longer maintenance intervals.

Premium coating advisory

With our Premium Coating Advisory service, a Hempel coating advisor is onsite during your entire coating project.


We advise on coating application to ensure a high-quality finished coating, and work with the shipyard and applicators to ensure the coating process runs smoothly – to reduce your repair costs and get your vessel back in the water as quickly as possible.

Project management

Designed specifically for performance-driven and fuel-conscious owners and operators, our Project Management service delivers the optimum reduction in repair costs, repair time and fuel savings.


A Hempel coating advisor manages your entire coating project from start to finish, and we coordinate with the superintendent, shipyard, sub-contractors and applicators to ensure every concern is addressed. As a result, you benefit from an optimised docking time and know that your hull coating will deliver maximum fuel savings throughout its entire service life.

Condition survey

In a Condition Survey, we evaluate the status of your existing structure and coating system and provide recommendations for corrective actions.

An expert coating advisor performs a complete survey of your vessel, identifies potential issues and advises on long-term maintenance requirements. This ensures you can correct issues before they become a problem to keep your long-term maintenance costs down and extend your vessel’s trading time and service life.

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