Hemparea gives you long-lasting corrosion protection, faster production throughout and reduced application costs

A very fast-drying and environmentally friendly enamel topcoat

In the infrastructureconstructionoil and gasthermal power and wind energy industries, fast throughput of steel production helps reduce overall production costs. With a drying time of just 45 minutes, our advanced Hemparea topcoats enable you to speed up production without compromising coating quality or performance. As a result, you benefit from long asset life times, reduced maintenance and a fast and efficient application process.

A low-VOC coating with a long-lasting finish

An ultra-high volume solids polyurea enamel, Hemparea coatings give an excellent gloss finish and long-lasting colour retention in medium-to-severe corrosive conditions. The coatings can be applied with a high dry film thickness (up to 200 microns) and have a very low VOC content, making them ideal for steel production in areas where environmentally friendly coatings with a low VOC content are a must.

From fast single-coat systems to advanced three-coat systems

Based on advanced polyaspartic technology, Hemparea topcoats are designed for steel line fabrication or any other application situation where speed is key, from offshore wind turbines and oil and gas installations to airportsbridgesport machinery and other structural steel.

Hemparea coatings can be used as a reliable single-coat solution for mild onshore conditions or as a topcoat in robust two or three-coat systems for aggressive environments. Hemparea coatings can be combined with a number of primers and/or intermediates, including:

A smarter solution in a single coat

The range includes Hemparea DTM 55973, a very fast-curing DTM-polyurea enamel with zinc phosphate. Hemparea DTM 55973 has been specifically formulated to deliver outstanding performance in a single direct-to-metal application in C3 corrosive environments, but it can also be used as part of a two or three-coat solution for tough C4 and C5 corrosive conditions.