Hempel actions to support Ukraine crisis

In light of the devastating news coming out of Ukraine, we are taking a number of actions to support not only our colleagues with immediate family in Ukraine that are affected but also the Ukrainian population.

Supporting colleagues with Ukrainian family
We are working to support all of our employees with Ukrainian family that are affected by the current crisis.

We offer these colleagues and their immediate family members financial support to cover the costs of evacuating to a neighbouring country, temporary housing on route and at their final destination, assistance in finding appropriate accommodation and psychological support through a network of crisis psychologists.

Raising funds for the Red Cross
In Denmark, we encourage colleagues to support the Red Cross with donations. Anything that is donated by our colleagues here, Hempel will double that amount. At our locations around the world, we are looking into doing similar activities.

The Hempel Foundation
Our owner, the Hempel Foundation, has today granted a donation of EUR 1 million for emergency relief in Ukraine to help and support the people of Ukraine and those who have already fled the country.

The Hempel Foundation wishes to acknowledge and support the work of NGOs across sectors and the need for urgent and comprehensive emergency relief. The donation will be equally disbursed between seven organisations immediately to deliver essential humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine.

The seven organisations are UNICEF, Save the Children, Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), SOS Børnebyerne, Human Rights Watch and UNHCR.

Business update
Hempel announced on 6 April 2022 that it is preparing to exit Russia. Read the full statement here.

Since 1 March 2022, Hempel has stopped its operations in Russia.

This means that we have:

  • stopped all deliveries in and out of Russia
  • stopped all deliveries in Russia
  • stopped taking orders in Russia
  • completed a safe closure of our production in Ulyanovsk

We have a total of 124 employees in Russia. We have had a presence in Russia since 1996. We do not have production in Ukraine. We have one employee in Ukraine. We are supporting our colleagues around the world impacted by the crisis, including our Russian colleagues.

We are keeping a watchful eye on developments. We always adhere to international rules and sanctions, and we are closely following the new sanctions against Russia as they are communicated, with which we act in accordance.

Updated 6.4.22, 15:56. This page will be updated with new actions on a rolling basis.