Protecting our world for future

Caring for our planet

Our products extend the service life of structures and equipment, and so help reduce their overall impact on the environment. But we believe we can do even more. We want to protect our planet for the future, so we’re taking steps to mitigate the environmental and climate change impacts of our global operations.

Helping customers improve environmental performance

Our customers need to balance sound business practice with environmental sustainability. For many, our products are vital in this. Our hydrodynamic hull coatings, for example, help sea-going vessels reduce fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions, while our two-coat systems for wind turbine towers help reduce energy consumption and waste at tower production factories. We also work closely with customers to develop new solutions that further reduce their carbon impact.

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Reducing our energy consumption

Around 60 per cent of the energy we use is electricity and we utilise power monitoring data to reduce consumption. All our regions commit to energy saving programmes that include a range of initiatives, from optimising systems and machinery to out-of-hours switch-off procedures. This is a constant area of focus, and one we are keen to improve year-on-year.

 Our focus on energy use in 2019 resulted in a reduction in our relative energy consumption of 6.5 per cent, which is in line with our 2019 target. 

Cutting waste

All our regions have waste reduction plans in place, with quantified and timebound deliverables. Initiatives include optimising our use of raw materials, improving wastewater treatment and solvent recovery, and working with suppliers to mitigate packaging waste.

Our waste key performance indicator for 2019 was to reduce landfill waste by 5 per cent. This was achieved through an extensive waste mapping exercise across all our applicable production sites, increased data control, improved reporting processes and locally designed waste reduction plans.

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