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Yacht coatings and boat care products

Hempel offers a full range of products for pleasure and racing boats, from small motor boats to large racing yachts.


Find advice on application and products for every yacht painting project on our dedicated Yacht website

Visit www.hempelyacht.com

A full boat care range for sailing enthusiasts
Hempel supplies the complete range of boat care products for yachting enthusiasts. In fact, the yachting enthusiast can get a top-quality Hempel product for every boat care task, from cleaning the gelcoat to protecting the rigging from mildew.

The professional yacht range
At Hempel, we have developed a complete range of coatings for yacht makers, from advanced antifouling coatings that use nanotechnology to reduce drag and fuel consumption to durable topcoats designed to maintain their shine for years.

Our coatings are produced to the highest standards and many use low-solvent solutions to reduce impact on the marine environment.


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