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Technical Training

Skilled coating advisers, trained by Hempel Academy, are the backbone of the technical service solutions we provide to customers. You can enhance the technical knowledge and skills in your company through Hempel Academy’s training and certification courses on paint technology and inspections.

Hempel Academy offers two courses to help company employees enhance their coating inspection and application knowledge and skills.

Coating Inspection Course
A five day course that gives you a profound introduction to paint inspection, and enable you to carry out independent inspections of steel structures in relation to corrosion protection

FROSIO Certification Course
An intensive ten day course that prepares you for the official FROSIO certificate exam, which takes place on the last day of the course, and enables you to perform as an independent, technically self-confident professional in all aspects of coating inspections

The Hempel Group has a longstanding association withFROSIO, The Norwegian Professional Council for Education and Certification of Inspectors of Surface Treatment, who have approved Hempel Academy as training body and provider of courses preparing you for the FROSIO certificate exam.

Who are the trainers?
Hempel Academy’s knowledgeable team of trainers are highly skilled technical service experts and communicators who deliver practical and stimulating experience-based training.

  1. Tailored technical training

    Do you need tailored technical training courses?

    Hempel Academy also offers technical courses that are customised to meet your particular needs. A course may consist of selected standard subjects - such as coating systems, surface treatment and paint application – or it could be specifically developed to contain particular subject matters.

    Customised courses are typically held at your premises, but can also be held our offices, or another suitable location, if you prefer.

    Customised courses are developed upon request, please contact Hempel Academy at academy@hempel.com for more information.

    To allow the necessary time for development and preparation of customised courses, Hempel Academy needs a minimum of two months’ notice. Longer notice is needed if the requested content is highly specialised.


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Internal Training

Hempel Academy is Hempel's centre for training and development

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