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SSWI ahead of schedule with Hempadur Multi-Strength GF

When SSWI needed a fast-drying and easy-to-apply coating that would provide reliable protection in C5 corrosive environments, we had the perfect solution.

The challenge
Staal Straal Weelde International (SSWI) is a leader in industrial surface coating and protection. SSWI was contracted to apply coatings to steel crane tracks for the Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard in Singapore. The project schedule was very tight and SSWI needed a proven C5 anticorrosive coating system with a very short dry-to-handle time.

The solution
We specified a one-coat system using Hempadur Multi-Strength 35840, a glass-flake reinforced coating that offers reliable long-term protection in C5 corrosive environments. Thanks to Hempadur Multi-Strength 35840’s short dry-to-handle time, SSWI could spray and move the steel crane track sections the same day. This meant the spray hall was clean and ready for new application work the following morning, enabling SSWI to finish the project ahead of schedule.

“We’ve worked with Hempel for over two decades and trust their coatings and advice. Hempadur Multi-Strength 35840 was extremely easy to apply and gave an excellent finish, even in high film thicknesses. And, thanks to its fast-drying properties, it helped us not only keep to the project schedule; but beat it.”

Hans van Elten, Staal Straal Weelde International


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