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Hempel's coatings for nuclear power plants

With 30 years of experience in the nuclear power industry, we supply a comprehensive range of advanced protective coatings for nuclear power plants, including specialist coatings for structural steel, cooling towers, tanks, pipes, boilers, turbines and generators.

Our high-performance anti-corrosive coating solutions are used around the globe to protect nuclear power plants and equipment from corrosion and erosion. Our focus on total cost of ownership ensures you get the longest possible service life and low overall costs, and we provide advanced technical service to ensure you get the optimum solution for your plant.

Trusted solutions for harsh environments
We offer a complete portfolio of coating solutions designed specifically for the aggressive environments found in nuclear energy production, including specialty coatings for structural steel, cooling towers, tanks, pipes, boilers, turbines and generators. We also provide specialist maintenance solutions to keep your plant running smoothly 24/7.

All our coatings and solutions are designed to meet global industry standards and local regulations, and can be tailored to your own specific requirements.

Faster and more efficient production
Our range of fast-drying solutions for high throughput of steel production includes Hemparea, a direct-to-metal single coat solution that dries in just 45 minutes. We can also work with you to optimise your application procedures and ensure your production facility works at the highest possible speed and efficiency.

A global supply chain and technical service
With offices in 80 countries and ISO-certified production units across the globe, we are uniquely placed to serve the global demands of the nuclear energy industry. Our multinational coordination teams work with you to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish, and our team of FROSIO/NACE-certified coatings advisors includes experts in coatings for nuclear power stations wo are on hand to ensure your coatings are applied correctly and efficiently.

Did you know...?
We monitor energy use at all our production units and take measures to reduce energy consumption whenever possible. Thanks to these efforts, we have achieved stable energy use per ton of product manufactured over the past five years, despite increasing the amount of automated equipment in our factories.


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