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Hempel's coatings for upstream offshore

We recognise just how costly mistakes are when it comes to corrosion protection. That’s why we focus our efforts on developing innovative coatings, ensuring the correct specification and helping our customers with trouble free installation via our trained coating advisors.

All designed to ensure that when you select Hempel products at the new construction stage you are truly maximising the return on your coating investment.This applies whatever offshore assets you are looking to protect, from FPSO’s to drilling units, fixed platforms to subsea installation.

One way we are looking to achieve this is by offering better corrosion protection for platform and FPSO topsides, way beyond that required by current recognised standards.

Hempadur Multi-strength 35840 and 35842

Wind, saltwater, UV exposure and physical impact – the perfect storm of damging forces forces which means your choice of splash zone coating must be up to the challenge. Hempel has recently launched new protection for this area – in the shape of Hempadur Multistrength 35480 and 35842. 

Hempadur Multistrength 35480/2 have both been pre-qualified to NORSOK M-501 System 7A and 7B; including extensive testing to ISO 20340:2009 for a variety of relevant corrosion categories. 

Another way we are seeking to minimise costly on station maintenance is via our Hempel Uniprimers.

Hempadur Quattro XO 17820 and 17870.

Originally developed for the marine market these products are now available to Hempels protective customers. By offering long term corrosion protection these products reduce the need for costly ballast and cargo oil tank maintenance. Meeting the exacting IMO and NORSOK standards we haven't stopped there.

These materials also include Hempels patented fibre technology which allows them to provide much greater cracking resistance and thereby avoid premature failiure, even when applied at higher thicknesses.

Additionally, these materials are capable of true year round application.

Hempadur Quattro XO 17870 helped refurbish the ballast tanks of the enormous saipem 7000 offshore construction vessel.


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