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Hempel’s coatings for bridges

Our coatings can be found on hundreds of bridges across the globe, from small bridges for pedestrian traffic to some of the world’s largest highway bridges. 

We supply a full range of high-quality protective coatings for steel and concrete bridge structures. Our coatings are specially formulated for bridges to provide lasting corrosion protection and increased durability, so you experience the longest possible service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Conditions vary from project to project, so our local R&D teams work closely with you to tailor each solution to meet the specific demands of your project, from local legislation to application conditions.

Proven solutions for bridges
Our coating assortment for bridges includes a full range of intermediates and topcoats, as well as advanced systems to prevent corrosion in harsh onshore and offshore environments, such as the technology leading Hempadur Avantguard.

Learn more about Avantguard®

AvantGuard technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc AvantGuard technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc AvantGuard redefining anti-corrosion innovative technology galvanic barrier inhibitor activated zinc 

All our coatings meet global standards and can be specified for new build bridges or as part of an on-going maintenance programme, for both steel and concrete bridges.

Trusted technical service and global delivery
Our team of NACE-certified coatings advisors includes experts in bridge coatings, who provide you with advice and onsite support. Hugely experienced, they ensure that every application procedure is as fast as possible and every coating solution will perform as promised.

Our Technical Service team also works closely with steel fabricators to optimise coating application to ensure you benefit from increased production speeds and lower application costs.

We have ISO-certified production units and stock points across the globe, so we can deliver high volumes anywhere in the world.

Did you know...?
Hempel has been owned by the Hempel Foundation since 1948. A charitable organisation, the Foundation supports education of children in need and promotes research into sustainable technologies at the Technical University of Denmark. Most of the Foundation’s efforts are focused on education of children in need. Currently, it works with more than 20 educational projects around the globe, helping more than 40,000 underprivileged children get a better education, so they can build a brighter future for themselves.

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