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Hempel's coatings for Infrastructure

A world-leading supplier to infrastructure projects, our advanced protective and decorative coatings can be found on millions of surfaces around the globe.

From the world’s longest bridges to skyscrapers, airports, sports stadia and cargo terminals, our products protect places of work and essential infrastructure from the corrosive forces of nature – to help make our world more robust and more beautiful.

Our promise of trusted solutions
With more than 100 years of experience in the coatings business, we understand the unique requirements of the infrastructure industries. Whether you need an easy-to-apply maintenance coating for a bridge or a high-performance anti-corrosive coating for a dockside building, we will be there to advise and support you, and to provide products you can depend on.

Tailored solutions for the infrastructure industry
We provide a full range of high-performance protective and decorative coatings, from advanced and reliable systems to prevent corrosion in harsh onshore and offshore environments to passive fire prevention coatings and beautiful and glossy topcoats.

All our coatings are designed to meet global industry standards and local regulations, and can be tailored to your own specific requirements. We can supply coatings in a very broad range of colours and finishes, and our coatings can be specified for new buildings or as part of an on-going maintenance programme.

Full service support

Whatever your project, our R&D teams and colour advisors work with you to create the ideal solution for your needs. Our Technical Service teams then support you throughout the entire application process to ensure your coatings are applied correctly and efficiently.

We help you:

  • increase asset lifetimes to lower total cost of ownership
  • improve application and maintenance efficiency
  • lower maintenance costs
  • train application staff to improve application quality
  • achieve or exceed your environmental targets 
Did you know...?
We source raw materials from around the world. To ensure our raw materials come from a responsible source, a number of our raw material suppliers are audited by a third party every year.


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