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Anti-corrosive primers and intermediates for steel protection

Whether your assets are located in mildly corrosive environments inland or highly corrosive offshore conditions, you need an anti-corrosive system that you can trust to deliver long-term performance and durability.  

With acomprehensive range of trusted anti-corrosive coatings for new construction and maintenance, we can provide a reliable anti-corrosive system for almost any structure or piece of equipment, from bridges and port equipment to offshore wind turbines and oil & gas constructions. All our coating solutions are designed with durability in mind, to ensure you benefit from longer asset lifetimes and efficient maintenance.

Our primers and intermediates have been tested according to NORSOK and ISO 12944 standards and hold customer approvals from the key players in the industry, so you are always ensured that our products live up to even the highest quality demands. 

Our range of primers and intermediates includes:

- Avantguard® activated zinc primers for excellent anti-corrosive performance and easier application

- Hempaprime Multi 500 fast drying delivering three coats in a single shift

- Hempadur epoxy coatings for reliable protection in the toughest conditions

- Galvosil zinc silicates to protect steel in extremely corrosive environments

Versiline CUI 56990 to combat corrosion under insulation

- Hemudur waterborne epoxy primers for moderately corrosive environments

- Hemucryl waterborne acrylic primers for reliable anti-corrosive performance in VOC-free applications

The ideal system for your needs
Every project is different and poses its own unique set of coating challenges. To help you make the perfect choice, our product development team and coating advisors work with you from start to finish, so you get a system that is tailored to your specific needs, local conditions and standards – and applied correctly and efficiently.

Why should we supply your coatings?
A trusted provider of coating solutions, our products protect homes, places of work, and essential infrastructure and equipment from the corrosive forces of nature across the globe – to help make our world more robust and more beautiful. Please click here to learn more about Hempel, our values and our solutions.

Did you know...?
The Hempel Foundation, our owner, works to improve education for children in need across the globe. In all, the Foundation supports more than 20 educational projects, helping more than 40,000 underprivileged children get a good education. In addition, the Foundation supports research into sustainable technologies.

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Improve your productivity fast.

With up to 20% reduced production time new, advanced Hempaprime Multi 500 delivers three coats in a single shift, without compromise.

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How Hempel coatings are made

How our coatings are made

From planning to drum filling. Download this illustration to see an overview of the process of producing coatings at Hempel.

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