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Protecting the world’s tallest wind turbine in the North Sea

Standing at an impressive 140 metres high, Vestas’ V-164 8.0 MW wind turbine is the tallest ever produced. Built in 2014, the prototype is now standing at the Danish National Test Centre for large wind turbines, where it is producing electricity for around 7,500 homes. 

The challenge
Due to the tower’s size, special vehicles are required to move the pieces. Therefore, as well as anti-corrosive protection, the coating system has to deliver excellent abrasion resistance in order to protect the tower during transport and installation.

The solution

Consisting of Hempadur and Hempathane, our two-coat system for offshore wind turbines delivers excellent anti-corrosion performance, robust abrasion resistance and lasting weather and UV resistance. In addition, the two-coat system dries up to 30 per cent faster than equivalent three-coat systems, and so helps reduce the overall cost of wind tower production.

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