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Protecting concrete wind towers in humid conditions in Portugal

Cheaper to produce than their steel counterparts, concrete wind towers are increasingly in demand – and they require special coatings to provide long-term protection from the elements. When a wind tower producer began manufacturing concrete towers in Portugal in 2012, it asked us to provide the ideal protective coating for the tower interiors.

The challenge
The 100-metre-high concrete towers are placed in windy and humid environments in the Portuguese mountainous – and they need an interior emulsion that can protect concrete in these conditions. The coating also has to be extremely cost-effective, optimised for airless-spray application and delivered in 1,000 litres vats.

The solution
For the towers, we developed a special version of our existing Plastimat emulsion – a fungus, algae and bacteria resistant coating that is ideal for high and humid locations. The viscosity has been adjusted for airless sprays and it is specially formulated to ensure it will not produce sediment when stored in large containers.


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