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Offering real time and cost savings, new, advanced Hempaprime Multi 500 is faster drying for increased productivity.

Hempaprime Multi 500 gives you up to 20 percent reduced production time*. Combined with easy
application, a full system of three coats is possible in a single shift, without compromising the strength of the coating. Even at higher film thicknesses.

Hempaprime Multi 500’s short overcoat intervals and fast-developed hardness offers you strong and durable protection, enabling steel to be moved sooner with reduced risk of damage to the coating.

Proven advantages

The trusted intermediate, Hempaprime Multi 500 meets requirements of ISO 12944 and NORSOK’s

- No need for thinning, the coating is optimised for easy spray, brush or roller application
- Robust coating does not crack or wrinkle at high DFTs, avoiding reblasting and recoating
- Reduced VOC due to improved volume solids up to 85 percent

The resilient choice

Resistant to corrosion, abrasion, impact and humidity, Hempaprime Multi 500 dries to a tough
finish. This high performance coating assures a long service life in heavy industrial applications, helping to reduce maintenance requirements.

Versatile, for direct to metal, intermediate or topcoat application, it is also ideal for minor repairs.

Our commitment to our customers

Hempaprime Multi 500 is our latest innovation. Our 15 research and development centres are
focused on solving your key challenges and supporting your business. By enhancing the attributes of our products, we offer you the right coatings performance against corrosion.

*Calculated as the reduced total drying time for full 3-coat system (overcoat times plus dry-to-touch time for the final third coat) by using Hempaprime Multi 500 as intermediate coat instead of Hempadur Mastic.

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