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Trusted coating solutions for the Protective industries

From wind turbines and oil rigs to some of the world’s most famous bridges and buildings, Hempel coatings are trusted around the world to protect valuable equipment and structures from corrosion. As well as a complete assortment of high-performance coatings, we provide customers with expert technical service and support to ensure every coating meets their specific needs.

We operate globally 

With more than 40 years of experience in the protective industries and over a hundred years of experience in marine coatings, Hempel’s comprehensive assortment of high-performance coatings are proven to perform in even the harshest conditions.  

Why choose Hempel?

With 80 offices, 28 ISO-certified production units, 15 R&D centres and 150 stock points across the globe, we can meet high volume, stringent quality and specific delivery requirements anywhere in the world.

Our engineering and development support teams ensure you get a system tailored to your specific needs, and our renowned team of FROSIO/NACE certified coatings advisors work with you to ensure your coatings are applied correctly and efficiently. As a result, you know that a Hempel coating system will always meet your requirements and perform as promised.


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