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Industry-leading hull coating brands

Our hull coatings keep fouling at bay to lower your fuel bills and increase your overall operational efficiency.

As a leading marine coatings provider for over 100 years, we have developed some of the industry’s leading technologies and most trusted brands. Today, our complete range of hull coatings means you can find a proven solution for almost any vessel and trading pattern, whether you need complete trading flexibility and long idle times or a cost-effective solution for short service intervals.

With a Hempel coating you can:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 6%
  • Increase trading flexibility and idle periods
  • Increase competitiveness and efficiency

Hempaguard®: The undisputed industry leader

Based on patented Actiguard® technology, Hempaguard combines silicone-hydrogel and the controlled release of biocides to keep fouling at bay, even if your vessel undergoes extended idle periods, changes trading patters or steams slowly.

The result is average fuel savings of 6 per cent over the entire docking interval compared to best-in-class antifoulings – whatever your vessel’s trading pattern – for excellent fleet flexibility and operational efficiency.

See how Hempaguard can improve your fuel performance

Globic: Antifouling protection from day one

Improve your vessel’s fuel efficiency right from day one with our water-activated Globic hull coatings. Based on nano acrylate technology, Globic delivers immediate antifouling protection without the need for water friction. And, with a consistent self-polishing rate and a constantly thin leach layer, you get uniform biocide release over the entire docking interval.

Find out more about Globic

Dynamic: Perfect for higher activity levels

A best-in-class silylated acrylate antifouling for higher speeds and activity levels, our Dynamic hull coatings ensure your vessel benefits from low fuel bills across the entire docking interval. Our Dynamic range includes multiple products and polishing rates, and can be specified for almost any vessel type.

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