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Silylated Acrylate Technology

Our silylated acrylate coatings combine microfibre reinforcement to prevent cracking and peeling – and improve long-term performance.

Our silylated acrylate technology features perfect polishing with exceptionally low leach layers and best-in-class biocides to give the optimal antifouling performance. This means lower fuel bills over the entire docking interval, and greater fleet efficiency.

How does silylated acrylate technology work?
When seawater penetrates the outer layer, it starts chemical hydrolysis. As the level of hydrolysis increases, the polymer becomes soluble, forming a very thin leach layer and releasing the biocide.
The leach layer is progressively eroded from the surface, exposing a fresh coating layer underneath. But, because the silylated acrylate film is relatively impermeable, water only penetrates the first few microns of the coating, ensuring excellent performance even over long docking intervals.
In addition, special microfibres reinforce the binder to enhance mechanical strength, which eliminates fouling growth due to cracking and reduces maintenance requirements.

See how the technology works

Working mechanism of Hempel's Silyl Acrylate Technology binder system which is incorporated in our DYNAMIC antifoulings


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