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Rosin Based Technology

Our rosin-based hull coatings provide reliable fuel savings with a reasonable initial investment.

Gum rosin is the most common raw material in antifouling coatings, and it has been used for over 100 years. We offer a full range of rosin-based antifoulings to suit almost any vessel type and budget.

More reliable long-term performance with synthetic rosin
For more reliable long-term fouling control, some of our rosin-based coatings use synthetic rosin, a rosin treated to make it more resistant to cracking and give better polishing control.
Unlike gum rosin, synthetic rosin is easier to control because it doesn’t vary in quality from year to year or batch to batch. The zinc carboxylate ensures that the leach layer remains low and releases a controlled level of biocide throughout the docking interval. The result is reliable fouling control, right up to your next drydock.

How does the technology work?
See the working mechanism of our rosin-based antifoulings, which is incorporated in our Basic, Olympic+ and Oceanic+ antifouling hull coatings.

See how the technology works

Working mechanism of Hempel's Rosin based antifoulingswhich is incorporated in our Olympic +, Atlantic +, Oceanic + and Basic.


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