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Nano Acrylate Technology

Instant antifouling protection, as soon as your vessel meets the water.

Improve your vessel’s fuel efficiency right from day one with our water-activated nano acrylate technology.

How does nano acrylate technology work?
In our nano acrylate antifouling hull coatings, nano capsules control polishing. When seawater comes into contact with the nano capsules, it penetrates the hydrophobic outer shell. The hydrophilic inner core chemically hydrolyses and then expands, breaking through the outer shell to enable controlled polishing. This means you get immediate antifouling protection without the need for water friction.

Long-term performance
With a consistent self-polishing rate and a constantly thin leach layer, you get uniform biocide release over the entire docking interval. In addition, special microfibres reinforce the binder to enhance mechanical strength – ensuring you avoid fouling growth due to cracking.

Nano acrylate technology

GLOBIC antifouling starts working at full strength as soon as the hull meets the water. No need to worry about lack of water friction

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Working mechanism of Hempel's Nano Acrylate Technology binder system which is incorporated in our GLOBIC antifoulings


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