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Silicone Based Technology

With hydrogel technology, our silicone-based hull coatings give you excellent fouling control and higher fleet efficiency throughout the entire service interval.

Hydrogel sets our silicone hull coatings apart from traditional alternatives by tricking fouling organisms into perceiving the hull as liquid. This means they don’t attach and results in a smoother hull.

How does hydrogel work?
Hydrogel consists of a network of polymer chains that absorb water to a level of more than 99 per cent. This gives it the capability to minimise protein and bacterial adhesion – and makes the hull appear as liquid to fouling organisms. This effect is supported by silicone, which has excellent self-cleaning properties to rid itself of any fouling organisms that do attach.

The result is less fouling, a smoother hull, and greater vessel efficiency over the entire docking interval.

Se how the technology works

Unique non-reactive polymers form a hydrogel layer between the steel and seawater. Fouling organisms perceive the hull as a liquid and are consequently unable to attach to the hull.



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