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Actiguard technology

Introducing Actiguard, a groundbreaking technology that integrates hydrogel and biocides in a single coating to give you better fouling protection and greater fleet flexibility.

The result of years of research and development, Actiguard combines silicone-hydrogel with the controlled release of biocides. Its unique formulation is designed to store and diffuse biocide over an extended period, while preserving the coating's long-term stability and mechanical properties.

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Why choose a coating with Actiguard technology?
Actiguard gives you the best both worlds: the smooth friction-free surface of a silicone coating and the antifouling effects of biocide release. The result is average fuel savings of 6 per cent over the entire docking interval compared to best-in-class antifoulings – even if your vessel is idle for extended periods, moves slowly or changes trading pattern.

How does Actiguard work?
Hydrogels consist of a network of polymer chains that, instead of dissolving in water, actually absorb water to a level of more than 99 per cent. This gives them the capability to minimise protein and bacterial adhesion.
The active hydrogel microlayer forms a barrier between the solid silicone binder and fouling organisms. This establishes a highly effective fouling defence barrier with a significantly longer effect than conventional fouling control solutions.
The result? You benefit from a clean hull and lower fuel costs over an extended period, for better operational efficiency and a higher return on investment.


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