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Hempel identifies and apologises for illegal practices

Hempel A/S has to inform that the German authorities are currently investigating whether alleged bribes in relation to Ship Managers were made by employees in Hempel Germany.


Hempel is cooperating fully with the authorities and is providing them with all information requested.

As a consequence of the authorities’ suspicion, which Hempel takes very seriously, Hempel has launched internal audits in Hempel Germany conducted by an independent external law firm in order to do our own investigation.

Henrik Andersen, Group CEO, Hempel A/S says:
"Unfortunately, Hempel must acknowledge that contrary to expectations, practices that apparently do not comply with the German legislation have been identified. These are practices connected to the relationship between Hempel Germany, Ship Managers and Ship Owners. Hempel deeply regrets that in some instances, internal rules have been deliberately circumvented and German law might not have been followed."

The violations of the internal rules and German law have had consequences. Hempel has dismissed four employees in Hempel Germany. Those involved have left their positions effective immediately. As we complete our investigations of the case, there may be further dismissals.

Hempel’s position on any unlawful activity is very clear.
"We do not tolerate and do not accept illegal practices. We consider the offences to be an attack on our customers, Hempel’s culture and values and with that an attack on our approx. 6,000 responsible and committed employees worldwide," Henrik Andersen continues.

Hempel wishes to live up to its responsibility as a fully responsible company and has made a number of process changes and implemented initiatives to ensure future compliance with internal rules and the law.


For further information please contact Malte Eggers, Communications Director

Key messages

Hempel has identified illegal practices and deeply apologises.

Hempel takes responsibility.

Hempel does not accept illegal practices.

The illegal practices are an attack on Hempel’s customers, Hempel’s culture, values and with that the employees.