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Decorative enamels for any use

From interior to exterior, enamel paints protect and beautify our surroundings. Our enamels are robust products protecting wooden, masonry, metallic or PVC surfaces against wear and tear in any gloss or colour required.

Colours and finishes

Often, enamels are used in interior or exterior decoration to give accent to a building structure either by the choice of colour or the choice of finish. We offer enamels in a full range of finished going from the mat to the high gloss finishes and in any colour, you might desire.

Technologies and functionality that suit your purpose

Whatever technology, you are looking for, being alkyd enamel, acrylic enamel or even epoxy enamel; we have the product. As our product development continuously, explore new ways to support new or even changed customer requests, our range of enamels are growing. Latest, we have launched Crown Fastflow with the appearance and application as a traditional solvent-borne alkyd enamel but as an environmentally friendly alternative to improve working environment.

With spin off from our superior knowledge within steel protection, we have direct-to-metal products for milder conditions, which allows you with one product to protect and finish your application.

Local products for local needs
All our products are produced to our exacting quality requirements. But we know that every country is different, so our coatings are tailored to suit local climates, environmental conditions and standards.

Contact your local Hempel office or check out our Decorative organisation in your region to find out more.

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