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Decorative coatings for concrete

From villas and innovative public spaces to large buildings and roads, our concrete coatings provide a durable, beautiful and weatherproof finish that will protect concrete for years to come.

At Hempel, we provide a broad range of concrete coatings, from concrete sealers and advanced crack-bridging coatings to specialist heat reflecting coatings for buildings in hot climates. All our coatings have been developed using advanced technologies to ensure they protect concrete in tough conditions, and retain their good looks with the minimal of maintenance.

Ideal concrete protection
Tough climates require tough protection. Our concrete sealers, paints and finishes are specially formulated to prolong the life of concrete surfaces, even in the toughest conditions.  For interior, it is not the climate being tough on the coating – but the living. Our coatings for interior homes ensures longevity of your surfaces from living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways to your children’s rooms.

With proven anti-carbonation, weathering and crack-bridging properties, you know a Hempel concrete coating solution is built to last.

Every possible shade, colour and finish
Combining textural effects with a wide range of colours and shades, our concrete coatings enable you to create sophisticated finishes that will catch the eye, are pleasing to touch and remain easy to clean and maintain.

Easy application for fast and reliable results
Our concrete coatings have been developed with easy of application in mind. Whether you’re working with an emulsion, enamel or gloss, our non-drip smooth-flow concrete paints will ensure you get a high-quality and uniform finish.

Green coatings for green buildings
Our concrete coating solutions include low-odour and VOC-free formulations that are proven to perform without damaging the environment. In addition, we supply a number of specialist solutions that will enhance the environmental performance of your building, such as Contex Thermoguard, a heat reflecting coating that has proven to energy consumption from air-conditioning units.

Local products for local needs
All our products are produced to our exacting quality requirements. But we know that every country is different, so our coatings are tailored to suit local climates, environmental conditions and standards.
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