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Research and Development

With 12 R&D facilities located around the world, Hempel not only meets customers where they conduct their business, but develops solutions specifically for their needs.

At Hempel, we are committed to providing better and safer solutions for our customers - and that means staying at the forefront of coating technologies. Research and development plays a key role in realising this commitment.

With 12 R&D facilities located in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and America, we meet our customers where they conduct their business. This gives us the opportunity to work closely with them to develop solutions specifically tailored for the environments in which they operate - and so protect their assets for longer.

Our international set-up also enables us to employ the best people, regardless of nationality and location. In our state-of-the-art paint research, development and testing facilities, we focus on:

  • Research into the latest paint technologies
  • Developing new products and solutions based on customer needs
  • Partnering with customers to tailor solutions according to their specific requirements
  • Assisting our sales, marketing and technical services teams with high-level technical support
  • Reducing the environmental impact of coatings


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Did you know...?

The total annual cost of replacing and maintaining equipment due to corrosion is 3% of global GDP, equalling USD 2.2 trillion.

During a fire, intumescent paints can prolong the stability of steel for up to 2 hours.

On average, homeowners in the US repaint their homes every 5 to 7 years.