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Cookies Disclaimer

We utilize cookies in order to optimize the website.
By navigating further in the site or closing this window, you accept our cookie policy.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file(with very few byte) exchanged between an internet site and its browser and normally used by the operator of the internet site for storing information necessary to improve navigation within the website.

Is it possible to deactivate or modify them?

The major and most popular browsers accept cookies by default. You can change this option, by modifying your browser settings, totally disabling the function or at least requesting that for each incoming cookie explicit consent is asked upon its receipt.

Is it possible to know if cookies are also used on this web site? 

In the “Hempel” website the cookies are associated to your device and do not identify the end user; however some cookies memorized temporarily until the end of the browsing session , can be associated to its users, if a registered user. The use of cookies is intended to facilitate, personalize and speed up your browsing experience on our web site (for example keeping the shopping trolley updated in the e-commerce area), to control access to services to which you are registered and to obtain anonymous statistical information relating to the use of the site. If you decide to deactivate these cookies, you will lose a good part of the functionality of certain features and some services may not function. 

Cookies on the website

Note that cookies can be permanent (c.d. persistent cookies), but may also have a limited durability (c.d. cookies session). This website uses both persistent cookies and session cookies. Session cookies are not memorized permanently on your computer and they dissapear when closing the browser. Persistent cookies are used to personalize navigation according to the instrument used by the user (computer, tablet, smartphone) like cookies of third parties that are used to examine website access (e.g. Google Analytics) and to allow the users to share the contents of the website through social networks (FB) or e-mail (Add This). These cookies are memorized permanently on your computer and have a variable durability.


 Name of cookie  Type  Name of service  Description Duration   Domain
Technical cookie Reserved  Area   Session expiry
Technical  cookie Google  Analytics Cookies for monitoring the functionality of the internet site. Session expiry
 _gat Technical cookie
Google  Analytics Cookies for monitoring the functionality of the internet site.
Session expiry www.hempel.com



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